Eighth failed boy makes everyone proud, built his company at 21

Many kids grow so disappointed after failing in school that they believe their lives have no value. However, just because you did not succeed in school does not imply you would not succeed in life and make everyone proud. The most prominent example is Trishnit Arora, CEO of the cyber security firm ‘Tech Security.’

This guy was born into a poor household in Ludhiana and has had little interest in school since his young age. Trishnit was so enamoured with his computer that he refused to look at any other books. As a result, he was unable to pass the examination until the eighth grade. Trishnit could not comprehend despite his parents’ best efforts. After failing, he abandoned his studies every day and completed his 12th year via correspondence.

He had chosen to pursue a career in the computer industry. He was only 19 when he received a cheque for 60 thousand rupees for work he had completed. After then, he became a big ethical hacker after pioneering in the field of ethical hacking. 

After gaining a thorough understanding of the job, he founded ‘Tech Security,’ which now handles transactions worth crores of rupees.

He has also written excellent hacking books such as “Hacking Talk with Trishnit Arora” and “The Hacking Era.” 

23-year-old Trishnit says that if a person is enthusiastic about something and works hard to achieve his goals, he will be successful in life. 

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