Ice in Antarctica is melting fast. India Will Drown By 2m Rise In Water By 2100: Reports reveal

Human beings are one of the reasons why Earth is experiencing a massive change. Earth wasn’t created only for humans to seek solace but for other creatures as well. But the Humans are doing everything to make the planet look from bad to worse.

They have already taken the world in a wrong way barring little positives to cherish. At one end, man is reaping benefits with the technology, natural resources- and at the other end- he is becoming lethargic and stupid day by day. God created everything we are surrounded by.

Credits: NY Daily News

One shouldn’t destroy mother nature in order to gain their needs and wants.The humans might be getting everything that they need but the reality is that they will certainly be punished by the nature itself- if they don’t mind what they blindly doing to environment.

It is cognisance of the fact that Antarctica is the only continent that is fully covered by ice. The recent report released by an international team of scientists suggests that the continent is losing its ice cover. As per the scientific journal, Nature, a team of 84 researchers from 42 global organizations analysed Antarctica’s ice melt through and through and have presented their findings of study between 2012 and 2017.

The report reveals that in the last five years, Antarctica lost 219 billion tons of ice every single year from 2012 to 2017, which adds up to triple the times of ice melt before 2012. As per Reuters, Antarctica lost almost three trillion tonnes of ice in the last 25 years, owing to unmatched level of global warming caused by human activity.

It is learnt that between 1992 and 2017, Antarctica’s ice loss led to about 1 centimetre rise in global sea level. This means that 40% overall sea level rise occured in the last five years between 2012 and 2017. “The sharp increase … is a big surprise,” professor Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds and a leader of the report, told Reuters.

Professor Shepherd reckons that Antarctica could raise world sea levels by at least 15 cm by the year 2100. It is high time that we have to reduce the pace of global warming and rising sea temperatures.

Antarctica has ample ice to raise sea levels by 58 meters 190 ft, which is just enough to drown entire cities and eliminate coastal population belts across the world. If we don’t fix the leak soon, then we may not be able to fix it later.

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