Masturbation is Not Haram in Islam, you can do it with your left hand: Dr Zakir Naik teaches Muslims

Radical Islamist preacher Zakir Naik, known for harbouring medievalist views and courting controversies, said that Masturbation is not Haraam or Sinful but Makrooh and Discouraged in Islam.

is masturbation haram ? a similar question has been asked, I would like to know the ruling on masturbation, I traveled and left my family behind for greener pasture for about one and a half years now, I miss my wife very much. When I call her online for video chat we sometimes end up with masturbation .

I would like to know if this is sinful or not. a similar question third question, I am a student. is masturbation haram in Islam. I do this and later I regret I do tawba but after somedays, I do it again, I can’t find the solution to this problem? I am unhappy with masturbation and what I do? the question that is

Naik said that this is a very common question and literally every session, I have one or two people asking this question. but I have been trying to avoid answering this question but today I decided to answer this question.

As far as the act of masturbation is concerned, the scholars in Islam there are different opinions but the majority of the scholars. they say that masturbation in Islam is haram! Even though majority of the scholars say haram. There is a large number which also say that it is makhrum and there is another large number of scholars who say that it is muba, it’s optional.

So I would like to say at the outset, that majority of the scholars in terms of percentage majority they say that it is haram, but a large number they may not be majority but the number is huge a large number of scholars. They also say it is makhrum, it’s discouraged and another large number though not in majority. They also say that it is moba and we’ll discuss this issue today and I’ll let you know which group of scholars I agree with towards the end.

As far as the jurist the fukaha amongst the shafi and the maliki almost all of them. They say that masturbation is haram and according to imam shafi may Allah have mercy on him. He says it is haram and he quotes the verse of the Quran from surah

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