Liberals trolled her she became IAS without exams, Daughter of Om Birla finally responds

Anjali Birla, daughter of Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla has made her father feel proud by becoming one of the toppers of the Indian Civil Services exam this year. The 23-year-old Anjali has achieved something incredible in her life which others can only dream of. Anjali, who studied political science (honours) from Ramjas College in New Delhi, was one among the 89 candidates who were recommended by the UPSC this year.

Now, Anjali Birla has responded to trolls which claimed that she cleared the Civil Services Examination without actually attempting it. There were many social media posts which claimed that she passed the exam due to her father’s high position. Om Birla is currently the speaker of the lower house of the parliament, the Lok Sabha.

“There should be a law against trolling. We should trace people and make them accountable – those spreading fake news… Today I am a victim, tomorrow somebody else could be a victim,” Anjali told NDTV in an interview.

Anjali Birla cracked the tough three-test exams in the first attempt. Her name is also on the merit roll for Civil Services (Main) Examination 2019. But social media posts claimed she had benefitted from her father’s position and was selected through “backdoor channels”.

“I was taken aback that I have to explain after giving an exam that I did study for it. But I feel it made me stronger because later on I would face such unfounded criticism even more in life. It made me mature as a person,” Anjali Birla told NDTV.

“I was honest to myself the entire time. My near and dear ones know how hard I worked.”

In a post amid the trolling, she wrote: “UPSC Civil Services Exam is conducted in three stages stretched over a year and you can ONLY become a civil servant if you PASS all three of them. The UPSC CSE is extremely fair and transparent process, there is no backhand entry. Please respect the institution at least.”

She also had to produce documents to show that she had “cleared all the three stages”.

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