Everyday This Nurse risks Life by crossing ‘River of Crocodiles’ to help Pregnant Women and patients

Women possess the indomitable courage to face and outsmart challenges in life. They don’t fear about anything as they intend to find solutions rather than calling out for problems. Brave women across the country pushed themselves beyond boundaries to touch the pinnacle of success, reinstating our faith in women empowerment.

What is it like to risk your life to rescue other people when they are in trouble? The thrilling story of Sunitha Thakur, who is working as a Nurse, is bound to give you goosebumps. She proved that she is one among the brave women to face anything in life.

Representational Image. Source: Pinterest (L); Live Science (R)

Hailing from Chattisgarh, Sunita Thakur’s life has been a nightmare for the last 7 years. The woman with fearless attitude risks her life every day to treat her patients who live across the Indravati River which is not safe as it is invaded by ferocious crocodiles. However, Sunita, who works as an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (AWM), makes use of the temporary boat to row across the river infested by crocodiles.

She has been doing this regularly to take care of the pregnant women, and newborns. Crocodiles laid attacks on Sunita’s boat on multiple occasions while she was rowing across it. Thankfully, nothing had happened to her. According to the India Times, she told ANI, “Even after we get to the other side, there are no roads or vehicles. I have to walk for 8-10 km to reach where the patients live.”

Sunita Thakur has only two people who can accompany her in the temporary boat. She crosses a thick forest where at times, she had come across dangerous animals on her way. Sunita’s determination and her ability to move on in risky situations makes her a class apart. She strongly believes that the villagers’ life is more precious than hers, and she has to face and overcome these obstacles for their sake.

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