Zakir Naik has a message to “Hindu Girls”, don’t marry until he converts to Islam

Radical Islamist preacher Zakir Naik, known for harbouring medievalist views and courting controversies, has landed himself in controversy after he spew venom against non-Muslims, particularly Hindus, and preaching the extremist ideology of Islamic supremacism.

In a video released on the official YouTube channel of Naik earlier this month, the rabid Muslim cleric was seen ranting against the Mushriks (non-believers) and stating that Muslim men and women are far superior to them.

Naik was answering a question asked by a girl who had allegedly converted from Hinduism to Islam three years back and decided to remain with Islam for the rest of her life. Stating that it is hard for her in this society to marry a Muslim man, the girl asked the Islamic preacher whether it is compulsory for her to marry a Muslim man or if she can marry a Hindu man as well.

Naik replied to this, stating that it is absolutely compulsory for the girl to marry a Muslim man. Naik backed his answer by citing verses from the Quran.

“The Quran clearly mentions in Surah Al Baqarah, Chapter number 2, verse no. 221, that marry not a Mushrika(an idolatry woman) until she believes. A believing woman, even if she is a bondswoman, she is much better than an unbelieving woman even if she allows you…a believing woman, even if she is a servant, she may be ugly, she is far superior to an unbelieving woman, an idolatrous, even if she may be the beauty queen, the wealthiest woman in the world,” Naik said.

Naik further continued, “Do not marry an unbelieving man, do not marry a Mushrik, do not marry an idolator, until he embraces Islam. A believing man, he may be a bondsman, he may be a servant, he may be ugly, but he is far superior to an idolator, an unbelieving man, even if he is the most handsome man in the world or the richest man in the world.”

The radical Islamic preacher also alluded that only Muslims are qualified for Jannah(paradise) and those do not follow Islam are condemned to hell.

“If you believe that Islam is the way that will get you salvation and you have accepted Islam three years back and you have promised you will be on Islam for the rest of your life, why do you want your husband to go to hell?” Naik questioned.

“We have an average life expectancy of 50-60 years. If you take the turmoil, the pain for 50-60 years, the next life is eternal, sister. As a businesswoman, it is a very good bargain. So sister, even if it is difficult for you, my advice to you is to bear those difficulties, marry a Muslim man, even if he is not good, even if he is ugly, even if he is not rich. He will be far more superior than the wealthiest and the most handsome of the idolatrous men,” Naik said.

No heaven for even ‘good non-Muslims’ such as Ravish Kumar: Zakir Naik

In June this year, the radical Islamist and terrorist influencer Zakir Naik, who has been hiding away in Malaysia after fleeing from the country, uploaded a video in which he declared that even ‘good non-Muslims like Ravish Kumar’ will not get to go to ‘Jannah’ after their death as they are still non-Muslims who are doing the crime of ‘Shirk’, meaning idolatry.

Who is Zakir Naik?

Zakir Naik is wanted by the National Investigative Agency (NIA) on charges of propagating terrorism. His Islamic Research Foundation organisation was handed a five-year ban.

The NIA on Monday arrested Riyas Aboobacke (alias Abu Dujana) who was known to be the mastermind in carrying out the suicide attacks in Kerala.

The 29-year-old who is a resident of Kerala admitted that he was radicalised a few years ago. Riyas also said he was closely following the speeches of the main accused in the Sri Lanka suicide bombings, Zahran Hashim, for over a year.

Though the Islamic State (IS) group claimed full responsibility for Sri Lanka bomb blasts, the Sri Lankan government blamed local jihadi group National Thowheeth Jamaath (NTJ) for the bombings on April 21.

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