First time in India: 3 real sisters became IAS, now they are chief secretary in their state

Transition in every individual’s life is obvious if one gives absolutely everything to fulfil the goal. Ask a successful person about how they did it and they would simply say there are no shortcuts to real success.

One must realise that only hard work, great diligence as well as commitment is required to touch the pinnacle of success. Above all, believing in oneself is also one of the great ways to outsmart challenges.

IAS officers are making the headlines for all the right reasons. The ultimate aim of a civil servant is to make a huge difference in people’s lives. Time and time again, they have proved that they are worth the weight in gold. Once they decide to bring a change, there is literally nothing who can stop them.

Three sisters Meenakshi Anand Chaudhary, Urvashi Gulati and Keshni Anand Arora have done something special which others can only dream of. Despite facing the difficulties in their career, they didn’t let the negativity get the better of them as they managed to tackle every snippet of move to clear one of the toughest UPSC civil service exams.

“My father not only wanted all his three daughters to become IAS officers in the first attempt, but also wished that they become the Chief Secretary,” said IAS Keshni Anand Arora.

The sisters’ father, Dr J.C. Anand, was a teacher of political science at Panjab University, Chandigarh. All three were taught by their father and post-graduated in political science. Anand encouraged his daughters to join the civil services.

Keshni Anand Arora is currently serving as Haryana chief secretary. She is the youngest of three real sisters, her elder sisters Meenakshi Anand Chaudhary and Urvashi Gulati also retired as chief secretaries of the state.

Professor Anand used to teach political science at the PU. “My father used to teach us. A number of his students had cleared the IAS/IFS. Meenakshi, Urvashi and me — we all studied political science and had it as one of the optional subjects in the civil services. There was an atmosphere in the family. We never took coaching,” said Arora.

Born on 20 September 1960 in Punjab, Keshni Anand Arora was topper of the 1983 Haryana cadre batch. IAS officer Keshni Anand Arora became the new Chief Secretary of Haryana on June 30, 2019. She is the senior-most bureaucrat in Haryana and will retire on September 30, 2020. Keshni followed in the footsteps of her sisters Meenakshi and Urvashi and became Chief Secretary of Haryana.

“My prime emphasis will be on implementing the flagship schemes of the government of India and the state government. Secondly, I will focus on good governance and increased transparency. I also intend to ensure inclusive growth in development,” she told ThePrint.

They are now a source of inspiration for many youths who dream to be IAS or IPS. They have achieved what others dream of. Many people read their inspirational stories and get motivated. Let’s praise them for incredible achievement.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.