One TikTok video changed life of dancer Deepak Singhad, he became B’wood choreographer

In surprising news, dance videos of a boy named Deepak Singhad are doing the rounds on TikTok. His videos are being watched by millions of people, now his dancing videos have caught the attention of Bollywood celebrities.

His videos have gone viral in no time and even celebrities are not left behind in this race, they are also making live video duets with him on TikTok

He took the Bollywood fraternity by storm after he published his dancing videos on TikTok. His performance of the dance from Shor spread like wildfire quite recently on social media platforms.

The video clip of his dancing was shared on TikTok and millions of fans watched the video as it garnered around millions of views and 310k shares. Now, Bollywood choreographer Terence Lewis has given a big chance to sensation dancer Deepak Singhad. And it all happened because of his dancing talent and TikTok.

It has been learnt that TikTok boy’s name is not Deepak Singhal. The entire matter is that his father had committed suicide, after which the financial condition of the family went from bad to worse. Presently, he is living with his mother in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh.

His mother goes to the nearby forest to cut down trees and sell them to earn a livelihood. One day, he was seen dancing by a boy, whose name was Deepak Singhad. Deepak was impressed by his performance and uploaded his dance video on TikTok account and the video went viral in no time. Following which, Deepak started posting videos of that boy on his TikTok account on a regular basis.

His videos caught the attention of millions of people and this is how he was known as Deepak Singhad. However, TikTok star himself revealed in one of his videos that he is not Deepak Singhad, but his real name is Uday Singh.

After seeing his performances, many celebrities began to make video duet with him including social media celebrity Arishfa Khan, Surajpal Singh, Samudhi Sood, Acid Attack Survivor Lakshmi Aggarwal, actor Ashish Bisht, dancer Faisal Khan and choreographer Terence Lewis.

Terence praised the dancer for his performance and gave him an offer for the audition. Terence said that Uday would appear for the audition In the upcoming dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ season 2 on Sony TV and rest is up to his luck. 

The video received plenty of great comments too, which goes to show the power of social media. An unknown person can become a famous celebrity and that is what happened in Uday Singh’s case. He is the happiest man right now.

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