Kashmiri Girl gets 100% Scholarship to pursue Aeronautical Engineering at University of Pennsylvania

There is always a saying that when you don’t love what you do now, then you will regret in the future for not doing what you loved to do. For instance, not every student is chasing his or her dream in India. It has been an infamous trend in India to pursue Engineering. Other productive courses that are available are quite often overlooked these days.

There still are students who have been nurturing their dreams since their childhood and they won’t give up no matter how hard it takes to get there. That’s why we have come across successful persons saying that they have come a long way to get their job accomplished.

Adeeba Tak (Credits: Facebook)

The youngsters are the future. When they are given the confidence booster and guidance, they are destined to achieve great things in life. The latest subject is about the students in Kashmir who have thrived well in all possible aspects. They are full-fledged and are always prepared to serve the nation of the highest quality.

Who is Adeeba Tak?

Adeeba Tak has done something that others can only dream of. With pride, she will find her name in the history books for being one of the fewest students across the world who managed to get a full scholarship from University of Pennsylvania. She got the necessary backing from her teacher and it was so good that she used the resources to good effect.

Adeeba Tak from Shopian (Kashmir) is one of the rarest students who was nurturing a dream since her childhood and now that she is pretty focused to get into the scheme of things. Though they were many derogatory  comments that made its way to try to stop her from flying because she was a girl, she fought against all odds for her dream.

“I had a dream of becoming an engineer. Everyone said why pursue it, it is not good for girls. I, however, continued. My teachers were a real help. There were times when we didn’t know what was happening around. There was so much unrest in 2016, but our teachers ensured we continued to study,” Adeeba Tak told India Today.

Making into any of the Ivy League colleges is a dream that perhaps every bright student may have, and Adeeba has achieved it by putting loads of efforts. With tenacity, audacity, grit and determination, she created history by earning a 100% scholarship from the reputed University of Pennsylvania (U-Penn) in the US to chase her dream of being an aeronautical engineer as reported by India Today.

U-Penn is an Ivy League research university and one of the most reputed institutions in the world featuring alumni who are 30 Nobel laureates, 25 billionaires and a significant number of Fortune 500 CEOs

She hogged the limelight when she topped the first edition of an institute’s talent search examination in 2015. For more than two years, Adeeba was constantly studying and preparing to get an admission into the prestigious U-Penn to pursue Aeronautical Engineering.

Adeeba’s parents are certainly proud of their daughter’s achievements. “I feel the children should be given opportunities to do what they want to. She has made us all proud. We are very happy,” said Adeeba’s mother.

Chaithanya G
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