RSS announces: 182 Vidya Bharati Schools will be converted into isolation wards to fight COVID-19

Amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Vidya Bharti Malwa Province has come forward to extend support in the time of crisis. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has announced that 182 Vidya Bharati Schools will be converted into isolation wards to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Prakashchandra Dhangar, secretary of Saraswati Vidya Pratishthan Malwa, affiliated to Vidya Bharati Malwa, said that all our buildings, all resources would be made available for the use of the government to defeat the corona epidemic.

He said that 182 schools are operated in Ujjain and Indore divisions, whose buildings would be converted into isolation wards for the corona patients. Information including the names, rooms and addresses of the principals of all schools has been sent to the administration.

Isolation wards will be opened in 182 Vidya Bharati schools to help the state fight the COVID-19 outbreak. Whenever India goes through a bad patch, RSS always comes forward to give a helping hand to the nation.

RSS volunteers are working relentlessly in the country in reaching out to the sufferers. Amid the country-wide shutdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, homeless people and daily wage workers, who migrate to big cities from their home towns in search of jobs, are now fighting against hunger. RSS workers have emerged as saviours for the daily wagers and homeless people in this hard time.

Over one lakh RSS workers are working all across the country to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. They are helping poor and daily wagers by serving them food. They are putting their lives at risk and helping needy people in the time of crisis.

The novel coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China has put the entire country at a halt as there is no antidote of this disease so far. Therefore, RSS warriors are helping to ensure that no one will go hungry. They are distributing food packets and bread packets. They have also launched an awareness and vigilance campaign to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier, RSS said that we all must comply with the government’s guidelines during the closure. General secretary of the organisation Bhaiyyaji Joshi said, “I believe if we continue obeying the rules for the next two months, we will able to live our normal lives as before…only if we resolve to follow the rules properly”.

“More than one lakh RSS volunteers are working at over ten thousand places in the country, supplying food, helping at hospitals,” said Joshi. Volunteers are also participating in blood donation camps and providing food to healthcare workers and security personnel, he said.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.