Three Odisha Girls to receive National Bravery Awards 2019

In sensational news, three girls from Odisha among 22 children will receive the ICCW National Bravery Awards 2019 at Rashtrapati Bhavan on the eve of Republic Day this year, a top official added in a statement.

The three brave girls from Odisha are identified as Purnima Giri and Sabita Giri of Nipania village in Kendrapara district, and Shrimati Badra of Angul.

The ICCW Dhruva Award will be given to Purnima Giri (16 years) and Sabita Giri (15 years) for saving the lives of 12 persons from drowning in a river when a boat sank into the water full with dangerous crocodiles.

Credits: NewsKarnataka

On January 2, 52 people were on a picnic party from Hukitolato Kuiang, an unmanned island in Bay of Bengal and a popular picnic spot, in Kendrapara district on a boat. But, the boat started sinking near Nipania village.

Hearing the screams for assistance, the Giri sisters came out of their residence and immediately jumped into the river by putting their own lives at risk. They rescued the lives of 12 persons from drowning.

According to the sources, at least 10 persons drowned to death in an unexpected incident.

On the other end of the spectrum, Srimati Badra (10) has been selected for the ICCW Prahalada Award for assisting her friend who lost her right leg in a train accident. The incident took place on November 27, 2018, when Srimati Badra along with Pramila Munda were crossing the railway track in order to return to their houses. But little did they know that a stationary goods train suddenly started moving.

While Srimati managed to cross the railway track, Pramila accidentally fell down on the track and unfortunately, she lost her right leg. Displaying immense courage, Srimati had pulled Pramila out of the track and saved her life. She then carried her on shoulders for 300 metres up to her home, saving the life of her friend.

Written by Sagar Abhinandan

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