Muhammed Muhsin posthumously conferred with Abhimanyu award

There are two facts about heroes that have never been in doubt. One acts in movies to entertain the audience to earn fame and reputation for the knack of his acting skills whereas the other takes risks to save people in real-life scenarios, say Indian soldiers or a common man.

The hero is someone who can give real-time protection by all means. The sad reality is that people admire film heroes as much as they admire gods. We have seen, in many parts of India, avid fans offering milk Abhishekam and prayers for the filmy heroes they admire who just act in movies but when the hero risks his life to save lives, he gets no hype but just an appreciation by some people.

We live in a society where people appreciate film heroes who save people’s lives in action sequences but when the same thing happens real, no one bats an eye.

Muhammed Muhsin posthumously conferred with National Bravery award

Muhammed Muhsin EC has been posthumously honoured with the Abhimanyu award. Hailing from Kerala’s Kozhikode, Muhamed Muhsin risked his own life only to save three of his friends from drowning in the deep sea.

Credits: Daily World

The friends had survived but Muhsin, their saviour, drew his last breath. Mushin’s father who got emotional after his son’s death said, “My child died a brave death. The award is for all the brave children.”

Here are other children who received national bravery award

A 13-year-old girl identified as Alaika saved her family after their car met with an accident. The proud family stood as she was conferred with a national bravery award.

Her family said, “She is our only child. She is our son and our daughter. She has proved that girls are no less than a son.”

The ICCW Markandeya Award was conferred on 10-year-old Rakhi. Hailing from Uttarakhand, she saved her 4-year-old brother from the claws of a leopard. She sustained severe injuries during the incident.

Gita Siddahartha, Chairperson of ICCW said, “The children were selected from 150 entries they scanned through diligently.”

ICCW Dhruva Award has been given to Purnima Giri (16) and Sabita Giri (15) from Odisha who rescued 12 lives from drowning a river when a boat sank into the water full with wild crocodiles.

Ten-year-old Srimati Badra was conferred with ICCW Prahalada Award for helping her friend who lost her right leg in a train accident. It is because of her timely assistance and courageous action, her friend’s life couid be saved.