Black African Brahman recites Sanskrit Mantra better than many Indian Pujaris

A video is gaining immense popularity on various social media platforms. In the viral video, a South African man is chanting Sanskrit mantras. In Hindu tradition, whenever we buy a house or a car we often pray to God for an auspicious beginning. The African man is also worshiping his car by chanting Sanskrit mantras in a better way than a Hindu Pandit.

The video, shared via social media, starts with the African pandit performing rituals and reciting Sanskrit shlokas with proper pronunciation as he seeks blessings from God for the new car as a goodwill gesture. This is a very amazing scene. Looking at this it appears that people in Africa are adopting Hinduism and many people follow it.

India has many migrant communities in the eastern region of Africa. The region is home to various Hindu temples, primarily found in Tanzania, the country where the Hindu majority remains intact, in East Africa. Mauritius. Kenya and Uganda About 6.7% of the population of Reunion practice Hinduism, making it the second largest religion in Reunion.  Seychelles has a Hindu population of 2.4%. In Madagascar, there exists a minority population of Hindus.

Reciting Sanskrit mantras correctly is an art that involves meditation, idealization, and a sense of self-surrender. It has a special way of connecting a person with his soul. The African Brahmin has shown his expertise in this art and shows that this art can take any person to the highest level.

After watching the viral video, many types of reactions have emerged from the users. Most of the users were more impressed after watching this video as to how he was chanting the mantras correctly.

One user writes, “He’s pronunciation better than urban people in India.”

Another user writes, ” I have never seen anything as beautiful as this on Twitter.”

Another user writes, “Even finger mudras for chakshu, nasike, shotre (with correct fingers) is perfect!”

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