80% people in India are Hindus, yet we don’t have a single Hindu nation: Mukesh Khanna

Saint Jagatguru Paramahamsa Acharya of Ayodhya is once again in the headlines. Mukesh Khanna, renowned for his role in Shaktimaan, is currently making headlines as he extends support to the cause. A video of his is also going viral on social media which he himself has recorded and shared. Actually, the real matter is that Paramhansa Acharya ji is requesting the government to declare India as a Hindu national society. And for this, he is once again on hunger strike.

Ayodhya’s saint Jagatgurugu Paramahamsa Acharya is on hunger strike until death demanding the declaration of India as a Hindu nation. This is not the first time, a few years ago, Jagatguru Paramhans Acharya was on strike until death for 8 days regarding the construction of the Ram temple, however till now no district administration official or medical team has come to inquire about his well-being. Meanwhile, a video of film actor Mukesh Khanna has gone viral, in which he has supported the demand of Paramhansa.

In the viral video, Mukesh Khanna says, “Isn’t it a matter of shame that more than 80 percent of the country is Hindu, yet the government is hesitant in declaring the country a Hindu nation? Paramhansa is on strike unto death in Ayodhya for this demand. I support Acharya. The government should immediately take cognizance and support him.

Jagadguru says that his weight has reduced by about seven kgs in the last nine days. Till now neither any administration official nor any public representative has reached out to take care of the saint who was on fast without food and water.

The viral video has been viewed by 3 lakh people. Different types of reactions are coming to the fore. Of course, Mukesh Khanna is in support of Jagatguru Paramhans Acharya, but looking at the response to his video, it seems that the Indian public is not in support of Mukesh Khanna right now.

One user writes, “Khanna ji, this country did not get independence by seeing Hindus, Muslims or Sikhs. This India is everyone’s India, and that is why let it remain India. Don’t go too far, tomorrow India will also be in the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup.” The final is not won by whether the bowler is Hindu or Muslim.”

Another user writes, “The best hero of my childhood now seems inferior to me.”

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