Karnataka: Govt allows Muslim girls with Hijab and bans Hindu girls with Mangalsutra

Religious equality was violated in the Karnataka Public Service Commission examination. Recent incidents in the Karnataka Public Service Commission examinations have again revived the issue of religious equality. Hindu women appearing for these examinations were forced to remove their mangalsutra, bangles, and toe rings, while Muslim women could enter their examination centers wearing hijabs. This type of violation of inequality is against the rules of the realm in our society.

Girl students appearing for Karnataka Public Service Commission exams were asked to remove their ‘mangalsutra’ before entering the examination hall. Apart from the mangalsutra, a chain worn around the neck by married Hindu women, the female students were also asked to remove their jewelry, including earrings, chains, and toe rings. Reacting to the development, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Basanagouda Yatnal asked if the move was “only for Hindus”.

Additionally, one of the students who was asked to take off her mangalsutra said that officials also checked women wearing hijab, but allowed them inside. The development came days after some students were caught cheating in the KEA exam, which recruits candidates to fill posts in various boards and corporations.

But violating religious equality in this way is being considered extremely wrong. This news has spread all over social media. The same rules should be applicable for followers of all religions to enter the examination hall. Followers of any religion should be allowed to go to the examination center depending on the preferences around them, be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, or any other religion.

After seeing the viral news, people are getting different types of reactions. One user writes, “You get the government you vote for, and not a single % better or worse one.”

Another user writes, “Lesson to be learned. What can happen to Hindus when appeasement politics is done.”

Another user writes, “It is nothing new. In every such govt exam especially in Congress state, they get this double benefit relief in marks an opportunity to cheat.”

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