Meet Aditya- 15-yr-old boy who saved more than 40 lives when a bus caught fire

There are two facts about heroes that have never been in doubt. One acts in movies to entertain the audience to earn fame and reputation for the knack of his acting skills whereas the other takes risks to save people in real-life scenarios, say Indian soldiers or a common man.

The hero is someone who can give real-time protection by all means. The sad reality is that people admire film heroes as much as they admire gods. We have seen, in many parts of India, avid fans offering milk Abhishekam and prayers for the filmy heroes they admire who just act in movies but when the hero risks his life to save lives, he gets no hype but just an appreciation by some people.

We live in a society where people appreciate film heroes who save people’s lives in action sequences but when the same thing happens real, no one bats an eye.

Meet the real hero – Aditya K

Aditya K was just a normal guy like many others. The 15-year-old Master Aditya K, who hails from Kerala had done something extraordinary to save more than 40 lives when a bus they were travelling caught fire in Nepal in May 2019. Just 50 km short of reaching Indian border, the bus unexpectedly caught fire at Daunnein.

Credits: Deccan Chronicle

While the bus driver escaped the scene to save himself, Aditya sprung into action without even caring for his life and saved 40 passengers by using a hammer to kick the back window just moments before the diesel tank exploded into a fireball and the whole bus burnt into ashes.

The brave boy received the prestigious Bharat Award at the award ceremony. Adhithya expressed his interest to join the Indian Air Force. He said he would use the scholarship to study hard. “I want to join the Indian Air Force and I will use the scholarship to study hard,” he said.