Mizoram Volleyball player breastfeeds baby in between game, We must respect her

Pictures of mothers breastfeeding their children in public places have been a subject of discussion on the internet platforms of late. Even several people have extended their support to such lovely mothers for doing their duty at the need of the hour.

Recently a picture of a volleyball player in Mizoram breastfeeding her baby in between a game on the field spread like wildfire on social media. The picture has been shared on Facebook by a user, Ninglun Hanghal and in no time, it received positive and touching reactions. It is to be noted that the original source is Linda Chhakchhuak as described in the credits section.

Credits: Timesnow

Lalventluangi, a professional volleyball player from the Tuikum Volleyball Team enrolled herself in the players’ camp along with her 7-month-old baby. In between a game, Lalventluangi did what every mother is supposed to do to her child. She took a short break in order to breastfeed her child.

“A stolen moment to feed her 7-month-old baby in between a game was captured making it the picture mascot of the Mizoram State Games 2019,” a caption from Ninglun Hanghal’s post reads.

After the picture went viral, the internet applauded Lalventluangi. The netizens are proud of Lalventluangi for “her attitude of dedication and courage, taking along dual responsibilities of a sportswoman and motherhood in her journey”. In the comments section of the post, Lalventluangi was applauded by netizens.

“Bravo,” a user said. “Wow amazing,” one user said while praising the volleyball player.

Another user wrote, “Mother is Mother. Always her duty for kids.”

“Appreciate the photographer and breastfeeding mother,” wrote another user.

This picture also drew attention to Mizoram Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte as well, who has pledged to award her a sum of Rs 10,000 as a token of appreciation.

Wow, we must respect the mother!!