Pic of the year: Photographer captures a stunning piece of symmetrical photo

Creativity is the potential to bring something new into existence and
Steve Biro, an amateur photographer proved that he has got more of it in his kitty.

Capturing a candid photo doesn’t necessarily require a picturesque location but an impeccable idea that transforms the thinking into a scenic beauty.

In what could be termed as once-in-a-life photography, Steve Biro won our hearts by capturing a stunning piece of symmetrical photo and reflection of an eagle.

Credits: SteveBiro

Steve Biro always wanted to take a picture that defined nature and symmetry. He has been a photographer for like ten years and he captured the photograph of a lifetime.

He clicked an eagle with its wings spread, reflected in superbly-timed symmetry as it flew over a subtle pond.

He captured the photo on May 4, when he was visiting the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Vittoria. But the photo became viral on social media very recently.

Biro told the Canadian media: “It became quite overwhelming, to be honest, but it’s a lot of fun too. It’s quite a wild ride.”

Biro said that he patiently waited on the ground at the edge of the pond to capture that stunning piece of a shot.