Kanpur man was harassing school girls, female cop beats him with a shoe, watch full video

The disgusting truth is that women are getting raped or harassed by men and they are deemed unsafe in our country. Apart from raping, some men harass women and they think that nobody would come up to them and question them.

However, a lady cop set a great example by slapping the man who was caught harassing school girls in Kanpur. The female cop made sure that the man got what he deserved.
According to an IANS report, the lady constable was annoyed with what she had seen from the man’s behaviour. As soon as she realised that the man breached the code of conduct, she beat him up with a shoe.

An anonymous recorded the whole incident and now it is doing the rounds on social media. In the video, one can see the lady cop boldly taking her shoe off and giving the culprit a superb beating. In the 33-second-long clip, the cop hits the culprit several times while the accused keeps crying and trying to cover his face.

The cop then shamed the accused and questioned his moral ethics and people watched it. She can be heard saying, “Have you gone mad? Don’t you have a mother or sister at home?”

The woman constable is identified by the name of Chanchal Chaurasia. She belongs to Anti-Romeo Squad of Bithoor police station.

The constable did not let go of the man as she took him to the police station. The man was booked under Section 294 (persons indulging in obscene act in any public place causing annoyance to others) of the IPC.