Chicken you get in the market is hormones disturbed, developed for profits

Chicken is a staple food for many, readily available in restaurants and market stalls. But do you know, the chicken commonly sold in the market may not be edible? Even its consumption can harm your health. Recently a video was seen on social media in which some facts were revealed.

According to the video, the chicken available in the market is neither a Hen nor a Cock. It is a broiler developed only for mass production, it is a hormone-disturbed creature. Consuming it won’t contribute to our hormone balance. Normally, a baby chicken weighs about 300 grams in 40 days but the market variety becomes 1.5 kg in 40 days.

Consumers are consuming meat from animals raised in confined conditions, deprived of sunlight, and pumped with hormones, antibiotics, and antivirals. These unnatural practices disrupt the animals’ hormonal balance. While some believe this meat will boost children’s immune systems, it’s more likely to compromise their health. These methods prioritize profit over well-being.

Usually, the chicken sold in the market sells quickly due to a technique called ‘chicken farming’. This farming is done to produce chicken in large quantities. This not only affects the quality of the chicken but also reduces its nutritional value. To use this technique, scientific elements such as hormones and other chemicals are used.

We should always pay attention to what we are eating and what effect it can have. Keeping health first, we should look for better options like stored chicken or that produced by farmers or local chicken producers. This can help us save our health and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The viral video has been shared by Blram Sahu on Instagram. The video has received more than 4 million views and around 50 thousand likes. After watching the video, users were quite shocked and shared various types of reactions.

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