Pakistan executes Rapist of 7yr old Girl, in front of victim’s parents, Indians Praise Pak

21 Death Counts, 3 Life Sentences & 23 Years In Jail

Humans can’t get any worse than this. Kasur, a city to the south of Lahore, Pakistan, dealt with a trauma recently when their 7-year-old daughter got raped and assassinated. This incident shocked everyone, sending heat waves across the entire nation.

Source: Catch News

Imran Ali, a local resident residing in the country, who was tagged as a serial killer, seized by police for being held responsible for more than nine incidents of rape and slaying cases of minors. The court has given its judgement in 5 cases.

Police arrested Imran Ali after 2 weeks when they found the girl’s body thrown in a garbage dump. Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) of Pakistan, has given 21 counts of death, 3 death sentences and 23 years in jail.

Pakistan took action by executing Imran Ali in the presence of Magistrate Adil Salwar and deceased girl child’s father, in Lahore Central Jail. Anti-riot forces and contingents of police surrounded jail at the time of execution.

The incident triggered citizens on streets who staged protests and demanded rigid steps for 23-years old accused. Amin Ansari, 7- years old victim’s father, signed a petition to hang Ali in public place which was later dismissed by Lahore High Court justice Shahbaz Rizvi and compromising Justice Sardar Shamim Ahmed.

Ansari showed gratitude towards chief justice of Pakistan and stated, “criminal met his fate”.

“Imran was taken to the gallows just before dawn and he has been hanged with a rope in the presence of the magistrate and a doctor,” local police official Mohammad Afzal said.

Zainab’s father Mohammed Amin Ansari was specially allowed to witness the execution said that he is satisfied that they got justice. “My daughter will not come back, but I am satisfied that we got justice,” he said.

The senior authorities handed over the body of Imran to his family and was later buried.

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