Indore: 30 Muslims leave Islam, convert to Hinduism in Khajrana Ganesha temple

Recently, about 30 Muslims in Indore, Madhya Pradesh converted to Hinduism. They left their Islamic names and adopted Hindu names. Many special rituals were organized for their conversion, which everyone followed. This news is going viral on social media.

This ritual of conversion was organized at Khajrana temple in Indore. A yagya was organized in which all the people who converted to Hinduism participated. Before this, they were also made to bathe with water from 10 different country rivers, including Gangajal cow urine. Many women were also involved in this process.

People have also applied to the collector of Indore to give legal form to their conversion. With this, their identity can be changed on the identity cards also. All the converts changed their names to Hindu names like Nilofer Sheikh to Nikita, Aksha Sheikh to Akanksha, Razzaq to Rohit, Abrar to Abhishek, Mubarik to Manish and Rukaiya to Rukmani. This conversion has taken place under the protection of Hindu Parishad leaders. They have said that there is nothing better than Sanatan.

According to online sources, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Malwa province chief Santosh Sharma said, “All these people are voluntarily returning to Hinduism. These people had contacted us some time ago to join Hinduism. After this, arrangements were made for them. All of them were Muslims by birth and are now becoming Hindus.

Santosh Sharma said that he has been helping people who want to join Hinduism in the past as well. He said that even now there are many people in his contact who want to join Hinduism, and their conversion will also be done soon. The administration kept an eye on the entire matter and ensured that the process of religious conversion was completed peacefully. Tight security arrangements were made so that any undesirable incident could be avoided.

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