Man teaches his grandsons benefits of Alcohol and Tobacco, makes them drink and smoke

A shocking video of a grandfather setting a bad example is doing the rounds on social media. In the video, he was seen teaching bad habits to his grandchildren.

Well, it more important to teach children good things at the early stage itself and only then they while they grow up, they don’t cause any harm to society or for themselves. But this grandfather has been teaching children so much of wrong things.

Credits: Timesnow

The incident happened in Bahadurpur, an area that comes under the Atrauli police station. The elderly man, who is known to be the grandfather of the two minors, can be seen sitting on a cot and smoking and drinking with the kids.

He then asks the children to hold out glasses as he pours liquor in them.

The man then adds some water to the glasses and asks the minors to drink. The guy who is filming the whole incident adds water to the glass of alcohol and asks the kids to drink it in a minute.

Soon after that, grandfather decides to light a beedi. The heartless man lights one up and then teaches the kids how to smoke.

He then hands over the beedi to one of the kids and asks him to hold it with one hand.

After when the minor takes a puff, the elderly man then asks him to pass on the beedi to the other minor, in what appeared to be straight out of a movie. After a round of puffs among them, the man then takes the beedi and tells the minors to exhale the toxic smoke. The children are happily listening to their grandfather’s orders.

In heartbreaking scenes, the children who exhaled toxic smoke can be seen cupping their hands for snacks that their grandpa offers to them. The man then tells the children to hold the bottle in one hand and the glass in another hand, as he places the snacks in the middle.

Soon after the video went viral online, police in UP caught hold of it and started doing their investigation.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Aligarh) Manilal Patidar added that police have taken notice of the video and will catch the culprits soon. The SSP added that they will soon file a case against the accused after doing a preliminary investigation.

Watch the video below: