After giving free education to girls, Punjab CM declares war on Mobile addiction amongst students

Ever since the inception of social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, people have slowly fallen into the trap and are now spending most of the time doing activities online.

Now it is indeed true that almost everyone nowadays has become addicted to social media. Leave addition aside, it is as if our lives are dependent wholely on these social media platforms.

Credits: ANI

Not just senior citizens even children are following them by getting addicted to these social media platforms and in order to keep a check on this, a hospital in Punjab has now opened a mobile or internet de-addiction centre.

A hospital in Amritsar has now opened a Mobile/Internet De-Addiction Centre. Dr J Pal, a psychiatrist who was quoted as saying by news agency ANI says, “It’s the most common addiction these days & develops behaviours in children that are disastrous, like self-harm. Children who visit us regularly have seen improvement.”

Recent reports have also disclosed that social media addiction has become a common disorder among students of all age groups.

“Social media is a global phenomenon and an important way to communicate with peers, families and friends. However, excessive use of this platform can lead to social media addiction which is a brain disease.

As students are addicted to social media, they tend to get influenced with what they see online”, a psychiatrist of a leading hospitals chain was quoted as saying to The Tribune.

There are so many side effects when there is excessive usage of technology as it causes disruptions in students’ physical and mental health, sleeping, obesity, levels of exercise and school work.