Father got life term imprisonment, But taught his son inside Jail and made him an IITian

Where every student is raised with a dream to study in IIT Kota, Rajsthan, there is a father in Kota Jail who worked rocklike all day and night in Jail so that his son can get admission in IIT and study in one of the crowning colleges in India. Piyush attained success by studying in a cramped 8×8 ft. room in a susceptible penitentiary sitting with his father.

Piyush doing his study

Piyush, a son of a government teacher and who was now convicted for a murder cleared IIT examination. Phoolchand, his brother, 3 Nephews and his father are in penitentiary for a homicide case since 2001. Phoolchand has done incessant drudgery as a labor to succor his son for his studies. He always directed his wife to guard his child and take care of his studies. Due to Phoolchand’s satisfactorily changed attitude, he was relocated in an agape cell of Kota jail where he has kept his wife and son with him.
Both wife and husband have labored hard day and night to get admission for their son in a first- class coaching institute of Kota, also they have acquired some money from their relatives. Piyush has completed his coaching for IIT preparations in Jail as his parents were not able to afford hostel. He used to commute for his coaching center from Jail with public transports like buses and auto daily and studies for 6 to 8 hours at home (which was jail room). Piyush says that his father has motivated him for engineering and that too from IIT only.
He was not well with the studies in the beginnings of his coaching but he never accepted the defeat and tried even more adamantly to acquire information. He has a father’s dream and motivation for him to move ahead in life and we are sure that he will never backslide.
Piyush has a clear vision to become an IAS officer and we are sure that he will be able to achieve this with his zeal. We hope for his victory!!

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