Youngest youth to have registered 10,000 voters in India

AS Delhi elections are right around the corner, the locals need to be prepared to exercise their franchise. Mark Your Presence- an organization which is working along with the chief electoral officer of Delhi and Maharashtra, has made your work easier by releasing 2 guides: the voters’ guides and candidates’ guides.

The organization is headed by Chaitanya Prabhu who is the youngest person to have registered 10000 voters in India at a mere age of 21. Chaitanya Prabhu has been working on Registration and voter Education since 2018 and has successfully helped in the general election 2019, the assembly Elections in Maharashtra and now the assembly Elections in Delhi. He wants to build a democracy with Educated voters.

Chaitanya Prabhu is also a national level athlete and has emerged victorious .He represents Maharashtra in track and field competitions. He has also represented Maharashtra several times in the relay at the national level.

Mark Your Presence will now be Registering blind, acid attack victim and members from the LGBT community. Chaitanya is now working on a plan to embed about voter education in the ICSE, SSC, ISC and HSC curriculum. He is working with the the support of Mr Rajiv Chandra who is the NIO of United Nations and Election commissioner of Maharashtra and Delhi to make this a success.

 Chaitanya Prabhu has made these guides after understanding students in Delhi during his seminars. These guides are essentially made so that the people of Delhi can analyse interpret and then vote this election.