I can marry if Muslim youth becomes Hindu and lives a cultural life: Says Hindu Girl

In a first of its kind case that was reported in the Diamond city, an 18-year-old Hindu girl submitted an affidavit in Katargam police station that she is all set to get married to a Muslim youth only if he says ‘Yes’ to religious conversion (i.e. from Muslim to Hindu). She also went on to ask assurance that the youth stops eating non-vegetarian food and doesn’t pressurise her to eat or cook.

In her affidavit submitted to police station on April 24, the girl admitted that she entered into a live-in relationship deal with the youth previously and wished to marry only if he undergoes religious conversion to be a Hindu. She then added in the affidavit, that the youth should convert with approval of his parents.

She then asked assurance that the youth never becomes Muslim again.

She also expressed her willingness to convince her parents if her needs are fulfilled and then asked the youth to convince his parents regarding the same. She nodded her head to get married following a detailed court procedure for conversion and according to the court order.

She also added that her agreement to live-in-relationship will be effective only if her conditions are met.

Previously, the girl’s parents lodged a complaint at police station when she went missing. Police during traced the couple and brought them to police station. She did not go with the youth but instead went to stay at a friend’s home.

In her statement in police station, she stated that on March 11, she and the youth applied for marriage registration but now she does not wish to marry if her terms and conditions are not met.

“Police have received an affidavit in which the girl has agreed to marry the youth if he becomes a Hindu,” said a police officer of Katargam police station.