Sunny Leone adopted a girl child and people started passing comments on her

The contamination we see in the society can be removed only when we clean it from our own minds. If we set our mind with one perception for a person, then every work of that person is weighted in the same breath, either good or bad.

As most of us are familiar with the name, Sunny Leone, after hearing which we all start imagining the world of her initial profession, where I hope we all are aware of the fact that she has already left her profession of a porn star and switched to a new niche, but we human have a tendency that can never change, to criticize good.

Source: idiva

Sunny Leone with her husband Daniel Weber, adopted a one and a half years old girl from an orphanage. In my opinion this is a very proud step which is not possible for everyone today, to think of someone else in this selfish world, but people are not looking at the positives behind whereas they started deriding the couple and their solicitude.

I can’t understand, how can a girl’s past can affect her future. Is that mentioned in our constitution, that a girl who has a bad past is not allowed to live her future respectfully or has no right to adopt a child?

If being a porn star is what an identity of someone’s character or a crime, which not allow a person to live a normal life, then these movies should be banned in the society, isn’t it?

Now-a-days watching porn is a trend, for which we have no law and step from government but, we have those porn watchers as society harassers. These are the people who always find negative in any positive and criticize it, just to bring themselves in limelight.

Sunny is now a reputed and in-demand Bollywood actress, who joined this industry a way back in 2012. She worked in dozens of Hindi movies but still she is still not able to deplete the layer of porn image from people’s mind. Everyone knows the count of porn movies she worked for, but no one knows how many good works she has done so far. She has adopted an orphan, isn’t it good? She is plotting someone’s future in a good way.

Instead of getting plaudits, people said a lot of grime things and relinquishing their humanity they started doing their dirty comments on the adoption.

Sunny Leone, a proud mother of a girl now, has named the girl Nisha Kaur Weber as “Kaur” of Sunny Leone (Karenjit Kaur) and “Weber” of Daniel Weber. The meaning of “Nisha” in Hindu terminology is the “goddess of night”.

I don’t understand, why people are showing their clemency towards the baby, no one wants to know that if that child is happy after being a daughter of such a lovely and loving couple. It’s not mandatory that child follows each step of her mother but depends how her mother nurtures her, it is the destiny of girl which brought her near to such loving parents.

If watching porn is not a felony, then how working for porn movies can be a crime, which alters the rights for the porn stars.

We wish the couple, a happy parenting ahead.

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