Goddess Durga Temple vandalised in Pak Hindu majority regions during Navratri

India is a place where people from all religions are allowed to live happily. People are free to follow their religion. It is worth mentioning that Muslims in India are more than in Pakistan. Yet, India gives full freedom of jurisdiction to the mosques and respects the religious sentiments of the minorities. But Hindus are not free to follow their religion in Pakistan.

In yet another shocking incident, a Hindu temple has been destroyed in Nagarparkar in Sindh province of Pakistan. The shocking incident occurred after the Hindu community had performed prayers of the Hindu festival Navratri. The unidentified miscreants damaged the head of the Goddess Durga and destroyed the face of the lion in the temple.

While taking cognisance of the despicable incident, the Sindh police said that they would arrest the miscreants soon for vandalising the Hindu temple. “We have leads on the incident and will soon be arresting the culprits,” the police stated.

Meanwhile, Special Assistant to the Sindh CM, Poonjo Bheel, said that such incidents are a threat to the very notion of ‘co-existence.’ He tweeted, “Sad to learn about the vandalizing the temple in Tharparkar’s Nagarparkar tehsil. Have spoken to SSP to inquire into the matter instantly as the Tharparkar is the land of love, peace and harmony where such acts will (damage) exemplary coexistence.”

However, Hindu Pakistani activist Kapil Dev has expressed concerns about the inaction of the police in such cases in the past. He emphasised, “We know the police will arrest the culprit & inquiry will prove “the man doesn’t have stable mental condition.” This is not the first case, same story repeats.”

It is indeed very sad news for the Hindu community living in Pakistan as well as for all Hindu people living all over the world. It also hurts sentiments of the Hindu community living in Pakistan. The way Hindu temples are being destroyed in Pakistan, the day will not be far when all Hindu temples will get vanished and no one will be able to find a single Hindu temple in Pakistan.

As per data, the percentage of Hindu in Pakistan has already decreased to 2% from 23% in 1947. If it continues, there will be no Hindu in Pakistan in the coming years.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.