Pak girl left Pakistan, came to India to find her love, this story will melt your heart

It is indeed true “Love is blind and has no boundaries” Love is beyond Society, Religion and culture. It is the purest and selfless form that connects two souls forever with each other.

The heart-melting love story of Sarah Hussain and Mustafa Dawood will make you believe the power of Love once again. Their story is more special because they come from two different countries. Sarah hails from Karachi, Pakistan and Mustafa is from Mumbai. Their love story goes beyond borders and in a post on the Facebook page of Humans Of Bombay, Sarah shared the struggles they went through and how moving to India after marriage changed her life.

In the post, Sarah says, “Our life became a whirlwind of customs and security checks. I feel like my honeymoon was spent in government offices.”

After marriage, she moved to Mumbai, but her husband lost his job after two months. Even though the couple went through a tough phase, both looked after each other. “In those moments, my husband became my world. I cried to him, laughed with him and we took care of each other in ways beyond pampering. Through all these tough times I had found my best friend and now I knew that whatever may come, we would be okay…together,” she says.

Soon after the post went viral on social media, their story has received a lot of love and appreciation. The page has garnered more than 400 shares and over 7,000 likes so far, the couple sure is inspiring a lot of people. 

Ms Hussain decided to do something as things were getting worse. Later, she became a professional make-up artist and started earning enough to meet their daily expenses. And while people sometimes said cruel things about their situation, Ms Hussain’s answer to them deserves a slow clap. We’ll let you read her post in its entirety below:

“I bet your love story is but a few years old. It already has the touch of a classic in it. May God Bless you both with decades of togetherness and love,” says one Facebook user. “So proud of u Sarah. Well done! Wish u both many more years of continued success, happiness and togetherness always,” says another.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.