1000 Years Old Varun Dev Mandir in Pakistan being used as toilet for tourists

India is a place where people from all religions are allowed to live happily. People are free to follow their religion. Seeing the fact Muslims in India are more than in Pakistan. India gives full freedom of jurisdiction to the mosques and respects the religious sentiments of the minorities. But Hindus are not free to follow their religion in Pakistan. In Pakistan, a 1000-year-old Hindu temple is being used as a toilet. When Hindu temples are not safe in Pakistan, how can Hindus be safe in Pakistan? however, the exact year of the temple’s construction or foundation is not known but it is widely believed that the current structure was renovated around 1917–18.

Varun Dev Mandir in Manora Island Beach, Karachi, Pakistan is now being used as a toilet. The shrine is estimated to be 1000 years old. Around the 16th century, a wealthy sailor named Bhojomal Nancy Bhattia bought Manora Island from the Khan of Kalat, who owned most of the land along the coastline at that time and then his family took over this temple.

It is indeed very sad news for the Hindu community living in Pakistan as well as for all Hindu people living all over the world. It also hurts sentiments of the Hindu community living in Pakistan. The way Hindu temples are being destroyed and used as a toilet in Pakistan, the day will not be far when all Hindu temples will get vanished and no one will be able to find a single Hindu temple in Pakistan.

As per data, the percentage of Hindu in Pakistan has already decreased to 2% from 23% in 1947. If it continues, there will be no Hindu in Pakistan in the coming years. The temple has not been opened for several years. This temple was sealed in 1992 after some people broke into it and destroyed the structure. It is believed that the last Pooja ritual held at this place was in the 1950s.

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