BJP honest minister Gadkari’s income grew 140% in 5 years, wife’s grew 10 times

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari’s income has escalated from Rs 2.7 lakh in 2013-14 to Rs 6.4 lakh in 2017-18, a sensational lift around 137 per cent in the five years. The senior BJP leader revealed his income hike in an election written statement attached along with nomination paper for the Nagpur Lok Sabha seat on March 25.

As per a report by The Times of India, the hike in Gadkari’s income was largely due to the hike which took in 2014-15 when his income rose to Rs 6 lakh. The report also suggests that it has been inactive in the years since.

Credits: Livemint

According to the written statement, the income of Gadkari’s wife Kanchana has amplified 10 times in five years, from Rs 4.6 lakh in 2013-14 to approximately Rs 40 lakh in 2017-18.

Gadkari has declared movable and immovable assets estimated to be at Rs 25.12 crore in the statement as reported by PTI. According to his tax return forms, his total income remained at Rs 2,66,390 in 2013-14 and Rs 6,40,700 in 2017-18.

As per his affidavit, he has movable assets- Rs 69,38,691, while his wife has movable assets of Rs 91,99,160 and a total of Rs 66,07,924 is in the name of the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF).

Also, Gadkari declared 6 cars in his statement, four of which are in the name of his wife.

There has been a 10 per cent hike in Gadkari’s total assets in five years. It now stands at Rs 6.9 crore including his inherited property worth Rs 1.96 crore.

As far as his wife’s case is concerned, the increase in the value of assets is 127 per cent as compared to 5 years ago. The most important assets held by her are three properties with an aggregate value of Rs 4.4 crore and these properties include 1 plot of agricultural land estimated at Rs 88 lakh.

For the first time ever, the candidates who are contesting elections have to declare their overall income as shown in their Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the last five years, as recommended by the Election Commission of India.

“This time, I will win with a bigger margin. People have a good opinion of the work done by the Narendra Modi-led government in the last five years. Our government did more than (what was promised) in the poll manifesto,” Gadkari told reporters after filing his nomination.

(With inputs from PTI)