When Tabu Broke Her Silence On Why She Doesn’t Use Her Father’s Surname

Tabu is one of the experienced actresses in the Indian film industry. She has extended her contribution to Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. Tabu carved out a reputation for herself as one of the talented actresses.

The actress announced her arrival in the film industry back in 1980s where she made an appearance in 1982’s Bazaar. After which, she was seen in critically acclaimed role in 1985 release Hum Naujawan.

Since then, she built her cinematic career bit by bit and went on to become one of the successful and respected female artists in the cinema industry.

Meanwhile, while speaking to Simi Garewal on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, she talked about her childhood days adding that she had good time growing up with her mother’s grandparents in Hyderabad.

When Tabu Broke Her Silence On Why She Doesn’t Use Her Father’s Surname

“I had a great childhood, we lived in Hyderabad all our lives, I lived with my grandparents (mother’s parents), after my parents divorced. My mum was a teacher and so I ended up spending more time with her mother, and my grandmother would pray and read books, and I grew up with that. I was very timid, I did not have a voice, in fact even after becoming a heroine, an actor, I did not have a voice,” the actor added.

In the same interview, she revealed why she doesn’t use her father’s surname. “I never really used it, I never thought it was important for me to use my father’s surname, it was always Tabassum Fatima, which was my middle name.

“In school, Fatima was my surname. I have no memories of him. My sister has met him on occasion, but I have never really felt like meeting him. I am not curious about him, I am happy the way I am, the way I have grown up. I am very settled in my own life.”