In a major setback to the BJP, Sushma Swaraj says she will not contest poll in 2019 Lok Sabha election

Veteran leader and Union minister Sushma Swaraj announced today that she will not contest the 2019 national election. Sushma Swaraj, the Minister for External Affairs, addressed the reporters in MP’s Indore wherein she talked to TheYouth, saying that she will not contest elections anymore owing to a bad health issue.

Though the party that decides everything, Sushma was very specific about her decision as she made up her mind not to contest the upcoming elections.

Credits: freepressjournal,in

Things came to light when the minister hit out at remarks that she had been “inactive” for close to a year because she hadn’t attended any election meetings. Sushma who has contested 11 elections so far has revealed that she was not active for a year on the account of a ‘kidney condition’.

Sushma, one of the senior most leaders of the ruling BJP was forced to be away from her official agreement for months in 2016 owing to a diabetes condition. She had a kidney transplant. In November 2016, the Twitter-savvy minister uploaded the news herself.

“I am in AIIMS because of kidney failure. Presently, I am on dialysis. I am undergoing tests for a Kidney transplant. Lord Krishna will bless,” she said before her surgery.

Today, Ms Swaraj’s husband Swaraj Kaushal also reacted to her announcement on the micro-blogging Twitter platform. “Madam, Thank you very much for your decision not to contest any more elections. I remember there came a time when even Milkha Singh stopped running,” tweeted Mr Kaushal who is a former governor of Mizoram.

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