Swara Bhasker slams Food Influencer ‘Proud To Be Vegetarian’ Post On Bakra Eid, Catch Details

Swara Bhasker is a popular Indian actress who works primarily in Bollywood films. She is best known for her supporting work in mainstream productions and featuring roles in independent films, she has won 2 Screen Awards and has been nominated for a Filmfare Award on three occasions.

An alumnus of JNU, Swara has come a long way from being a journalist to an actor. Although she hasn’t received any major role, her acting in supporting roles has fetched her recognition in Bollywood.

Swara Bhasker slams Food Influencer 'Proud To Be Vegetarian' Post On Bakra Eid, Catch Details

Swara Bhasker slams Food Influencer ‘Proud To Be Vegetarian’ Post On Bakra Eid

On Monday, actress Swara Bhasker criticized a netizen for bringing up vegetarianism during Bakri Eid, an important Muslim holiday. Swara referred to the post as “virtue signaling” and expressed her disapproval of its timing.

The incident began when food blogger Nalini Unagar shared a photo of a vegetarian meal, featuring fried rice and a cottage cheese dish. Swara was particularly annoyed by the caption accompanying the photo.

“I’m proud to be a vegetarian. My plate is free from tears, cruelty and guilt,” the caption read from a food influencer.

In reply, Swara Bhasker wrote, “Honestly… I don’t understand this smug self righteousness of vegetarians. Your entire diet is made up of denying the calf its mother’s milk.. forcibly impregnating cows then separating them from their babies & stealing their milk. You eat root vegetables? That kills the whole plant! Please relax with the virtue signalling just because it’s Bakr Eid !”

Here’s how a user reacted to Swara Bhaskar’s tweet. “Agree. Cruelty to animals is involved even in a vegetarian diet. Even plants have life. So it boils down to individual choice. There is no moral or ethical issue involved here. Let’s not judge others. Let’s live at peace with ourselves for the choices we make,” one user wrote.