Man escapes death by a whisker after his car gets crushed in bus-truck collision

Why do accidents happen? Is it due to carelessness? Yes, it is. A study found that ‘careless attitude’ is the major cause of accidents, costing many lives. Some accidents can be terrifying and the best way to prevent such accidents is to take as many precautions as possible.

In what was a major accident on Ring Road near north Delhi’s Pitampura area on Saturday, a 26-year-old man was so fortunate enough to escape with injuries after his car got crushed between a truck and a bus. In a disastrous scheme of things, as many as 7 other people were also injured in the accident.

Credits: Hindustan Times Photo

The truck initially rammed into the Haryana Roadways bus after its brakes failed to click at the right time and Puneet Jain’s Baleno car was squeezed between the two vehicles, as reported by Hindustan Times. The unfortunate accident happened around 3 pm according to the deputy commissioner of police (North-West).

He further added that the tempo and some scooters and motorcycles were also damaged which caused a major traffic jam in the area.

A total of 8 injured people were admitted to the hospital, of which two have been discharged. Jain remains in hospital. “These vehicles were moving down the slope because of which their momentum was high,” Khan said.

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