Maulana Barkati caught red handed in a sting operation: demands 5 Crs for Muslim Votes

Politics is a gameplay of money and power and a recently carried out sting operation made it extremely evident. In a recent sting operation conducted by Times Now, Maulana Rehman Burkati stated that for as long as BJP continues giving him money, he will continue conducting rallies for their party.

During the sting operation Burkati stated that Muslim votes can be changed through the power of money. He also mentioned how the attitude of Muslims residing in Bengal is changing with time and they’re becoming more supportive of BJP. He was caught red-handed saying that if the party provides him with 5 crore rupees then he can easily arrange 5 lakh Muslim votes.

The BJP aims to get 22 seats in the region and people like Barkati will make sure that the target is achieved through money. Burkati  arrogantly stated that he will continue to conduct Muslim rallies as long as the BJP keeps the money keeping.

Throughout the sting operation Burkati continued to say how everything can be bought with money. He mentioned how BJP has power and money both through which they can buy minority votes in the state. Nothing comes from free and Muslim votes wouldn’t come without money either.

Burkati also showed his resentment towards Mamta Banerjee and complained about the fact that she doesn’t need Muslim support anymore. He spoke on the behalf of Muslims in the state and gave a positive verdict about Modi.

Burkati had once issued a Fatwa against Modi and now power and money seems to have changed the scenario. Burkati is now openly supporting the party that displays the power of money

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Sukriti Hora
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