Third in a row, After Delhi, Jabalpur , now Rajkot airport’s canopy collapses in storm like weather

These days, a serious question has arisen on the safety of air travel in India. In the last three days, three accidents at Jabalpur, Delhi, and Rajkot airports have exposed the reality of development. After the scorching heat, monsoon knocked in North India, on one hand, there was relief but many major incidents also took place.

Due to heavy rains, a part of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) collapsed. A cab driver died in the accident and many others were injured. This incident took place at the passenger pick and drop area of Delhi Terminal 1. There was a long line of cabs and vehicles when three iron support beams suddenly fell on the vehicles due to strong wind and rain. Many vehicles were also shattered in this accident.

After the Delhi airport accident, two other cases also came to light in which the third such incident took place at Jabalpur and now Rajkot airports, which has exposed the reality of development. This accident happened when a part of the canopy of Rajkot International Airport’s passenger pick-and-drop area collapsed. There has been no loss of life or property in the incident.

This is the third such incident to happen at different airports in the country. On Thursday (27 June), a part of the cloth canopy collapsed at Jabalpur Airport in Madhya Pradesh. There was no information about any casualties in this accident as well. However, at the place where this accident happened, a car was parked below which got buried in the debris.

After the Delhi airport accident, Civil Aviation Minister Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu has announced a compensation of Rs 20 lakh to the families of the deceased and Rs 3 lakh each to the minor injured. According to sources in the Civil Aviation Ministry, the reason behind the accident at Gujarat airport was the work being done to remove the water accumulated in the canopy. The ministry has sought a detailed report of this incident.

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