WATCH: Indian Couple makes an epic entrance in Flying Bird Cage at Wedding

‘Wedding’ is a ceremony where two souls unite in marriage. Of all the grand ceremonies, ‘wedding’ is the most amazing thing. Wedding practices vary greatly between cultures, religions and countries.

Planning a wedding in advance helps you to organise the ceremony rather smoothly. It is quite obvious that the concerned family spend tiring weeks preparing for an event. It includes activities like shopping, calling photographers, arranging caterers, sending invites and so on.

Credits: Facebook

People get married to start a new life together. Usually, the bride and groom steal the spotlight on their iconic wedding. To get that royal look, they tend to focus much on the dress combination so much so that they look ultra-special.

Have you seen Bride & Groom taking the wedding to a whole new level? In a recent incident that took everyone by surprise, an Indian couple hit the headlines for making an epic entrance in giant Flying Bird Cage at Wedding.

It seems that Indian weddings are getting out of mind. Someone who attended the wedding captured the video on his mobile phone and uploaded it on his Twitter handle. Ever since the video was uploaded it became widespread all over the social media platform.

Feast your eyes by watching this video below:

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