Sunny Leone becoming darling of Bollywood day by day- Nationalist Writer Salil Gewali

After Jackpot’s blast Bollywood has just unabashedly knocked out Ragini MMS, Ek Paheli Leela.., Kuch Kuch Locha Hai and lots others with a bang!  A flurry of news — titillating and riveting to prod the bodily desire. Thanks to Sunny Leone’s past profession, the film-makers are pointedly cashing in on it, as obviously understood. Hardly any newspapers now miss adding epithets to this vivacious lady as adult-star or porn-star to make the readers more inquisitive.  For about past 5 years we all have been unfailingly updated about her tidbits and gossips. Thus, the bestiality of porn has now been forced into the inner sanctum of the Indian households.

Here my earnest questions to all the concerned parents and right-thinking intellectuals.  Do we want our children to know about pornography?  Given the manners and styles Sunny Leone is being presented by the electronic media – are we not uncomfortably confused that our children now might see this woman also as their role model? Won’t they become tempted to emulate a porn-star who receives so much of appreciation and warm welcome — with even privileges to grace the key public events? What could be the height of barrenness that this lady is ever mobbed by a swarm of media crews? To them she is a Goddess from heaven descended down to bless earthy mortals. What messages does it send out to our children, can anyone guess dispassionately?

Well, make a sneaky peek into Sunny’s  facebook page and other media portals  – we are deluged with a whole lot of unspeakable things. Just find out how many million fans’ likes she has earned from INDIA alone, and analyze their opinions, perception plus our naughty silence in respect to her raunchy flicks – of both Bollywood and the other-world.

The number of her fans began to shoot astronomically when she was invited to jazz up Bigg Boss about three years ago. No denying, the majority of masses in INDIA were not aware of what exactly porn-world is all about until her ground-breaking entry into the country. Till just a year or two ago the policemen would swing into action to pounce upon any suspects with obscene literature or digital CDs. But now the lustful roar is coming out from Bollywood itself for the mass consumption. Media and Bollywood are hand in glove in this unprecedented scheme for the success. It’s not that there is any absence of a voice of protest against the porn-star. But the media never give such coverage however vehemently the public disapprove of.

Well, by now many must have been sufficiently grown curious to know who this over-discussed bold lady is and what she does and so on and so forth. Just googling on the net will flood us with the unmentionable things that we had never known or could ever have imagined existed.

A good many may have been already pulled down into the whirlpool of this murky underworld. And some might have sorely been afflicted by its addiction syndrome — the most damning malady ailing a major chunk of the western population. It’s long been acknowledged that this voyeurism has drastically shattered the millions of the households, their marital relationships, contaminating their sacred thoughts and ruining their personal values, as often been revealed in hundreds of journals published across the world after the exhaustive surveys. Another question, how long will the masses lust after all this immodest sensuality? Has not the strength of sex-juice, as nature given for some reasons, is becoming bland and weak with the time by losing all its intrinsic charm, grace and purity?

 ‘A true strength of sex and its purity and purposes have drastically gone down these days. The marital bond is dismally slack. An easy access to pornography, and open display of nudity and cheap representation of the sexuality are the contributing factors’, quips Dr Naresh Patel, a psychologist and writer from Mumbai.

Again one academician from Delhi opines ‘I strongly believe that many unsuccessful models or film-stars in INDIA have already been tempted to follow in the footstep of Sunny Leone. Very soon they will boldly claim that they are porn-stars vying for Bollywood opportunity as Sunny Leone. And, some young girls will now have no qualms to join this bandwagon of pornography – the sacred sex will be taken very casually and which finally degenerate the society.’

My honest questions — “are we not becoming unclear of what is right and wrong for the society, what is good and bad for the households, and what is virtuous and sinful for our inner selves?” Further, are we truly serious to ponder over the ominous repercussion of such pornographic thoughts that are fast taking “space in the mindset of our grown-up children”, let alone the matured adult? Will not the perverse thoughts make way for perverse indulgences that will take its toll on their studies and later in their marital lives — adversely affecting the family values? Is it not an ominous threat to the profound spiritual culture of INDIA? 

Here our silence against the breeding of vices is akin to the acceptance. This could well-mean that our inner strength of morality has become weak and feeble that it fails now to prompt us to stand upright against the bestiality.
Phew, our silence might make the lustful holler of the decadence still shriller!


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A Shillong-based writer and researcher, Salil Gewali is best known for his research-based work of twenty-four years entitled "Great Minds on India" which has already earned worldwide appreciation. Translated into twelve languages and dedicated to the NATION, his "Great Minds on India" has been prefaced by a world-acclaimed NASA Chief scientist – Dr. Kamlesh Lulla of Houston, and edited by another former NASA scientist Prof. A.V. Murali, Texas, USA. "Great Minds on India" can be previewed at: ** Also available on AMAZON