These medical tests are compulsory before you marry your partner

Marriage is a significant life choice that requires attention to various aspects to ensure a happy and healthy relationship. A crucial aspect is assessing the health of both partners. Undergoing essential medical tests before marriage is a prudent step. This not only promotes mutual health but also helps prevent future health issues. In this article, you will learn about three important medical tests that should be conducted before marriage.

Fertility Test: Fertility testing is available for both men and women to evaluate the functionality of their reproductive organs. This assessment includes checking hormonal levels, ovulation status for women, and sperm quality for men. It is a valuable tool for future family planning and can help identify and address potential issues related to pregnancy.

SGPT Test: The SGPT test is widely used to assess liver health. An SGPT level exceeding 65 is considered dangerous, potentially indicating liver inflammation or damage. Keeping SGPT levels within the normal range is crucial for proper liver function.

Triple H Test: The Triple H Test is a specialized blood test designed to detect infections from hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and HIV. Serving as a comprehensive health screening tool, this test plays a crucial role in identifying, diagnosing, and monitoring these three significant infections. By taking the Triple H Test, individuals can take a proactive approach to their health and contribute to the broader effort to prevent the spread of these infections within our communities.

These tests are not only important for the present but are also necessary to avoid future health problems. So, make sure to get these important medical tests done before marriage and start a healthy and happy life.

Before living life together, it is important to know about each other’s health and accordingly support each other. Before getting married, it’s important to understand each other’s health. This means taking essential medical tests together. It helps you manage any health issues early on, support each other better, and make informed decisions for your future together.

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