WATCH: Careless Bus Driver puts people’s lives at risk as he reads newspaper while driving

Why do accidents occur? Is it due to carelessness? Yes, it is. A study found that ‘careless attitude’ is the major cause of accidents. But if you are the bus driver, will you do something ‘disturbing’ to put passengers’ lives at full risk?

But this Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTS) bus driver in Chennai didn’t even care about the passengers as he kept on reading and turning the newspaper while driving the bus. One can appreciate the multi-tasking ability but not by risking passengers’ lives.

Credits: Hindu

The duty of bus driver is to drive the vehicle containing passengers carefully from the source to the destination. But this bus driver did something ‘unwanted’ that is not acceptable by any means. Little did the driver know that he too put his life at risk by reading the newspaper instead of keeping an eye on his sight when driving.

The whole incident was captured by one of the commuters on his mobile camera phone. Well, the commuter who caught the video must have told the driver not to repeat this again. Recently, a bus fell into a gorge in Uttarakhand.

In a devastating bus accident, 48 people died on the spot whereas 10 people were injured. It was a 28-seater bus but it was carrying 58 people. While people are getting killed in road mishaps, bus drivers are not taking it seriously.

Watch the video below:

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