71.9% Indians say they will vote for Modi as PM again. 73.3% say there’ll be a Modi government in 2019 as well: Times Survey

As Narendra Modi steps into 5th year of his tenure as the Prime Minister, the results of ‘Pulse of the Nation’ online survey done by the Times Group, have given him and his supporters, a reason to cheer. Opposition might not want to see the results, which has 71.9% of the 8,44, 646 people surveyed online saying that they’re going to vote for Modi as PM again. As there’s just 1 year left in Loksabha polls, 73.3% people also said there’ll be a Modi government in 2019 as well.

The survey shows that if voting for Loksabha polls was done today, Modi would be the first choice for PM, for a huge majority of people. Also, while 16.1% people said that they’d vote for a PM candidate other than Modi or Rahul Gandhi, the latter and Congress president was at number 3 in popularity, as only 11.93% wanted him as their PM. The online survey was held from May 23rd to 25th in 9 languages by 9 media companies of the Times Group.

In fact, the results were kept hidden from voters during the 3 days of online voting, so that IT cells of political parties are not able to ask their supporters to vote for their leader, if he/she was seen ‘losing’ the poll. This has lent credibility to the results, in which more than 2/3rd of voters called Modi’s performance as PM, good and very good – ‘good’ for 20.6% and ‘very good’ for 47.4%. While 11.38% people said it was average, only 20.55% called it poor.

Upon being asked as to what according to them were the best decisions taken by the Modi government, introduction of GST was the 1st choice with 33.42% people voting for it. Demonetisation came at number 2, with 21.9%, followed by Surgical strikes on Pakistani soil at number 3 with 19.89% and the financial inclusion scheme of Jan Dhan Yojana coming last, getting just 9.7% of the votes.

Among other highlights of the poll, 58.4% people praised steps being taken by government to reduce unemployment, with 37.2% being satisfied and 21.2% calling them ‘very good’, and just 28.3% said unemployment was Modi’s biggest failure. 59.41% people said that they think the minorities were ‘safe’ under this government. India’s foreign policy under PM Modi was hailed by more than 80% people, with 62.63% calling it ‘very good’ and 17.43% saying it was ‘good’.

Also, people were not too impressed with the way the ‘united’ opposition formed the government in Karnataka, as 57.1% people said that such ‘united’ non-BJP coalition will fail in 2019. 55% people said their life became better after Modi government came to power in 2014, with the promise of ‘Achhe Din’, and only 10.59% people said that they see a chance of Rahul Gandhi becoming the next PM.

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