When son asked for school fee, debt ridden farmer committed suicide as he had no money at home

It is heartbreaking but true that the farmers’ suicide cases have increased over the years. Several farmers in India commit suicide due to various reasons. It may be due to weather conditions, debt issues, unable to pay kids’ fees, family problems, health issues, unfavourable government policies and so on.

In sad news, 2 farmers from Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh committed suicide on Monday. One farmer, identified as Brij Mohan Patel was terribly upset over failing to pay his kids’ school fees. He committed suicide in Hoshangabad’s Gadaghat village. Shockingly, this is the fourth farmer suicide in Madhya Pradesh in a week.

Credits: Dailypost.in

His relatives said he was Rs 14 lakh in debt and was awaiting payment for pulses he had sold at Minimum Support Price (MSP) the last season. He mortgaged his wife ornaments for daily expenses. One day he reached the point when he had no money left in his home to pay school fees of his kids.

He was mentally very upset as luck was not in his favour. Brij Mohan Patel had allegedly taken poison on Sunday night and was immediately taken to a hospital where he passed away the next morning.

“He was under tremendous stress and got more depressed when he couldn’t pay his kids’ school fees,” Patel’s elder brother Ashok was quoted as saying by TOI.

The government has taken several initiatives to stop these problems but things haven’t changed. Celebrities claim on TV channels that they are helping the farmers to solve the loans but on ground level, the truth is different.

Many farmers in India commit suicide each year. According to the report from National Crime Records Bureau of India, the cases of farmer suicides in India are more than that in any other occupation.

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