Driver rescues 2 kids from drowning but lost his life after saving them

For some people, duty and responsibility come ahead of anything else. In a recent incident, a courageous van driver sacrificed his life to rescue 2 kids from drowning in Mumbai. The deceased, identified as Prakash Balu Patil.

According to reports from Mid-day, Prakash who is a resident of Virar, Mumbai had recently purchased a van and used to carry children from home to school and return daily. Due to heavy downpour, the schools in Virar shut down early. Knowing this, driver Patil picked the kids up in his van and was on his way to drop them to home.

Credits: India Times

Unfortunately, the van got stuck and turned upside down in a drain near Narangi village. The rains gave some tough time for the poor driver and kids. An officer at Arnala police station told Midday that when Patil noticed two kids losing their balance to stay afloat, he jumped out of his seat in a bid to rescue them.

Luckily, two kids were saved but unluckily, the driver lost himself and was washed away by the flow of water. His dead body was later recovered by firefighters.The cops filed an accidental death report and had started the necessary investigation. As per the report, there were 7-8 students in the van, residents of Global City, Virar, and students at the Rustomjee School.

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