Indian Youth says, “Pakistan will punish, India will Suck”- And see what happened to him when video went viral

The advent of the internet has changed lives of many people but some people out there use this platform of all wrong reasons and even though there is freedom of speech in the country, one must not misuse this.

We are all entitled to have our opinion but the country shall not tolerate a word against India and this is exactly what this man did. He not only spoke wrong and abused PM Modi but also tried to ignite communal hate by comparing Pakistan and India. He stated how India shall be defeated by Pakistan and used inappropriate language to describe the same.

You can watch the video for yourself:

The man was immediately tracked down by the Police and made to apologize to the people right away. His video had gone viral and such things are a threat to communal harmony. As citizens of India, it is our duty to respect our country and not talk against it.

Such videos disrupt the normal functioning and cause young minds to initiate communal damage. We appreciate the immediate action to put such people behind bars and question their actions. The man responded by saying that he had no wrong intentions but the video was made by his friends.

We would love to know what you think about such videos and what should be done with such men who try and create hatred in the society.
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