Twitter slams Poonam Pandey for asking if ‘Condoms are included in Plastic Ban’

”Plastic ban is the most used phrase these days A couple of days ago, Poonam Pandey hit the headlines when she had joked on the ‘plastic ban’ imposed in Maharashtra.

She jokingly cited the people who have got plastic surgery done shall stop roaming around on the streets because plastic is banned by the government. Her tweet took the social media platform by a storm and she was trolled by many people.

Credits: Sportswallah

Once again, she hit the headlines for a wrong reason as her tweet annoyed people. People didn’t really find anything interesting in her tweet and slammed her badly. After the plastic ban, Poonam Pandey had one doubt in mind and wanted to get clarified by posting her tweet on her official Twitter handle.

She asked ‘if condoms are included in plastic ban’. Her caption read, “Just asking..Is *CONDOM* included in Plastic banned Items ??? #SachhiKya #JustAsking”

This is how people replied to Poonam Pandey’s tweet. Check out the full tweets here below