Muslim Man Trapped A Hindu Girl By Pretending To Be Hindu; Left Her Pregnant When She Refused To Convert

Another cruel case of forceful conversion has come into the limelight when Mohammad Ansari, a Muslim man from Bareily allegedly cheated on a young girl from the same city by pretending to be a Hindu man.

Mohammad Ansari called himself Golu and would wear a ’tilak’ on his forehead that convinced this girl that he was a Hindu. The two met at a gym in 2014 and after two years of knowing each other, be brought her home with him in 2016 and forced himself upon her. The girl had lost her parents and used to stay with her grandparents who also had passed away soon after she met Golu.

Not only did Golu have sex with her but he also made videos and started blackmailing her. The girl who had no family and was fighting this battle alone eventually gave in due to fear. However, Golu did not expect that she would get pregnant.

Golu asked her to get the child aborted to which she refused. He agreed to marry her but Golu and his family kept a condition that traumatized the girl leaving her alone and confused. They stated that they would only accept her and the child if she converted to Islam.

It has been a year since the girl is fighting her battle alone. She has a baby to take care of and Golu still has not married her because she refuses to accept Islam. She has finally decided to take legal action and despite receiving threats from Golu and his family, the girl has firmly made up her mind to bring this matter out in the open.

She wants to let people know how she was deceived by a man who claimed to be Hindu and the kind of torture she went through when he finally showed his real face and disclosed his identity. She also claims that if justice is not served to her, she will go all the way to Lucknow and let CM Adityanath Yogi know about her troubles and the fraud that she has been through.

We stand with this brave girl and would love to know your views on this matter!



Sukriti Hora
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