Bad to worse: Delhi becomes the most polluted city in the world

The national capital is not the same as before. It has gone from bad to worse in terms of pollution and it has become the most polluted major city in the world.
The pollution levels have continued to remain poisonous with a health-related emergency declared in the state many times. The schools in the capital city were shut down for some days and outdoor sporting activities are also being advised against.

With an air quality index (AQI) of 527 by Air Visual on the World AQI rankings, Delhi earned an infamous title of being the most polluted city on November 15. Delhi air quality broke all records on November 5 itself, when it was in the dangerous range for 9 consecutive days, making this the longest ever spell of toxic air quality, according to Air Visual.

The global tourists, investors are thinking twice before flying to Delhi considering the air pollution levels.

According to the world AQI rankings, Delhi is followed by Lahore in Pakistan at 234th position. However, there is a massive gap between the two. Delhi is suffering more pollution with a huge difference of more than 2 times. Coming in the third place is Tashkent in Uzbekistan at 185 count.

Pakistan port city- Karachi is ranked 4th with an AQI count of 180, followed by Kolkata at 161 in the fifth. China’s Chengdu follows next on the list with an AQI of 158. Hanoi in Vietnam with an AQI of 158 is at the 7th spot followed by Guangzhou in China with an AQI of 157.

India’s financial capital, Mumbai comes ninth with an AQI of 153 and Kathmandu in Nepal at 152.