Hundreds of Street dogs were killed by ‘poisoning’ and dumped in Landfill in Telangana | The Youth report

A dog is the only living being that loves you more than it loves itself. A dog is the most loyal animal, especially to human beings. They don’t talk but they understand people completely based on body language and their behaviours.

Just feed a dog once! It remembers you for the rest of its life. One should remember that dogs too have a family just like us. Whenever you drive, make sure you drive safely because four puppies died in front of their mother in a road accident.

On the Contrary mass murder of stray Dogs continue across cities in India. Life has not been real good for stray dogs, because intentional animal cruelty keeps threatening the speechless creatures, day in and day out. But sadly, the concerned authorities are least bothered to stop the mass killing of dogs.

Stray dogs don’t trouble you and do not ask you for anything in return but will remain loyal to you when you would just toss a crunchy biscuit at them. It is a proven fact that stray dogs collectively can give real-time protection to all the houses at night. With many more advantages, that they can offer to us, it is really disheartening to see such living creatures being poisoned by unknown people at the worst scene.

Despite the fact that the animal rights activists continue to fight for the welfare of animals, the stray dogs are being poisoned to death quite often, which is totally unacceptable by any means. This goes to show that something is really wrong in the cities across the country and the necessary action has to be taken in a bid to prevent the mass killing of dogs.

This incident came to light when a video clip shot by an animal activist of more than 40 dead bodies of dogs being carried in a municipality vehicle started doing rounds on social media platforms on Saturday.

In Siddipet, Telengana, reportedly over 100 dogs were killed by poisoning over two days and some found dumped in a landfill. Shockingly, the act was allegedly carried out on the orders of Siddipet municipality. As per New Indian Express, a resident in the video can be heard complaining about the incident.

She said, “I was shocked to find all my dogs gone. They were not aggressive and never created any menace. If people complained, they should have exercised animal birth control instead of injecting poison into them,” as quoted by the New Indian Express.

The workers in the video, however, alleged that they were just doing their duty as they were instructed to do.

The moment this news became viral, a team of activists gathered on the spot only to collect evidence and lodge a complaint. Under the Prevention of Cruelty against animal Act and section 428 and 429 of IPC, an FIR was lodged against unidentified persons. Another incident of similar killings was also reported soon after.

“We filed a complaint on Saturday night and an FIR was booked. Considering evidence is crucial for conviction in such cases we went to look for the carcasses on Sunday morning and found them in the dump yard near Busaram forest. Just 30 minutes into the inquiry, we saw them bringing in a new batch of dead dogs in municipality vehicle,” said an animal activist, Teja P, as quoted by New Indian Express

Another activist from Compassionate Society for Animals, Pravalika Nigam, reportedly added, “The second batch of dead dogs comes as a shocker considering we reported to them on Saturday itself. The municipality is not practicing scientific measures of managing dog population anywhere in Telangana and culling dogs when man-animal conflict increase.”

Meanwhile, there are no strict laws that punish animal killings in our nation.